Guru Amardas Ji (1479-1574)

Guru Amardas (1479 - 1574)  came to the succession by dint of his selfness services, at the age of 73.  Guru Angad's son, Dattu, was enraged at this and kicked Guru Amardas.  Guru Amardad did not take it ill but rather apologised to him, saying "Pardon me; my hard bones must have hurt your foot."  Thus reflecting the Guru's great humility and wisdom.

Guru Amardas paid serious attention to the propagation of Sikhism.  He appointed a devout Sikh in charge of each region.  The total number of such diocese were 22.  The guru also trained a number of travelling missionaries who spread the message of Sikhism to other parts of India.  In order to bring the Sikhs closer to one another he fixed two festivals - Diwali and Baisakhi - when all could assemble for religious conference.

It is said that the followers of Sri Chand, son of Guru Nanak who had started the Udasi group and who had advocated the rununciation of home and property, came to Guru Amardas for consulation.  The Guru advised them to lead a life of renunciation in the midest of the home.  He explained it was a compromise between asceticism and worldly enjoyment.  The householder's life was indeed the best life, because it oppered an easy way for the common man - Remembrance of God, sharing of food and income, and honest living - Nam japna, Wand Chhakna and Gharam ki Kirt.  The Guru started a new center of worship at Goindwal where he dug a well for the benefit of the people.

Guru Amardas was very friendly to the emperor Akbar.  the Emperor came to pay respects to Gurn Amardas at Goindwal and according to custom took meals in the Langar. He found in him son-in-law, Bhai Jetha, a devoted and humble Sikh. He, therefore, installed him as Guru Ramdas in 1574.

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