Sahib Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji (1656 - 1664)

Guru Harkrishan was a genius and showed extraordinary talents for his age.  Once a Brahmin questioned him about the meaning of certain difficult passages in the Gita.  He wanted to test the intellectual powers of the Guru.  The Guru did not take it ill and called a passing unlettered water-carrier to expound the meaning of those passages.  The Brahmin was surprised at the extraordinary exposition and wisdom of the water-carrier.  A Gurdwara known as "Panjokhra Sahib" was later established at his spot.

Once Raja Jai Singh decided to seek and then test out the genius and wisdom of the child Guru.  He disguised his queen as a slave and made her sit among many other women in the Guru's presence.  He asked the Guru to point out which was the queen.  By his extraordinary talent the Guru went directly to the queen and sat on her lap.  The Raja became a devoted disciple of the Guru.

The Guru's elder brother Ram Rai complained to Emperor Aurangzed that he had been passed over for the succession.  He claimed the right of succession as the eldest son of Guru Har Rai.  The Emperor called Guru Harkrishan to Delhi.  In response at the wishes of the Sangat, the Guru went to Delhi and while there started his mission of healing the sick.  Cholera was raging in the capital at the time.  The Guru brought health and happiness to many Cholera-stricken people.  The Guru stayed at the place where Grudwara Bangla Sahib now stands.  Soon after, he fell ill.  Asked about his successor, he gave a cryptic reply;  "Baba Bakale." He meant that the next Guru would be found in the village of Bakala.  He passed away on 30th March, 1664.

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